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    Jeffrey Johnson participated in the 5th Ph.D. School-Conference on “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems”

    July 30, 2015 • summer school, Uncategorized

    Professor Jeffrey Johnson from the Open University participated in the 5th Ph.D. School-Conference on “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems”, held at the University of Patras Conference Center, Greece on the 20-30 July 2015.

    This Ph.D. School is mainly intended for postgraduate students primarily from European countries and offers four coherent lecture modules, taught by experts in each field, on Fundamental Concepts of Complexity, Global Systems Science and Complex Networks, Complex Physical and Chemical Systems, and Complexity in Biological and Social Sciences.

    Tassos Bountis lecture on Chaos

    Tassos Bountis lecture on Chaos

    Patras Summer School Website and the programme of the school is available here.

    Open University visits Unicam

    September 30, 2014 • Uncategorized


    Members of the Open University, Professor Jeffrey Johnson and Dr. David Rodrigues, visited the University of Camerino during the week of September 15-20. This collaboration focused on topics of interest for the project and resulted in the production of a joint paper to be published soon:

    Matteo Rucco, David M. S. Rodrigues, E. Merelli, J. H. Johnson, L. Falsetti, C. Nitti, and A. Salvi, “Neural hypernetwork approach for pulmonary embolism diagnosis,” arXiv:1409.5743 [physics, q-bio, stat], Sept. 2014. arXiv: 1409.5743.

    Topdrim at CS2Bio’14, Berlin

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    The Topdrim project was present in Berlin for taking part in CS2Bio 14. CS2Bio is a one-day workshop focusing on the interaction between computer science and biology. Topdrim was represented by members of several consortium partners. Marco Pettini (Aix Marseille) was a invited speaker and gave a presentation on Long-range electrodynamical interactions among biomolecules and prospective applications on biocomputers, Matteo Rucco (Camerino Univ.) presented their recent work jHoles: a tool for understanding biological complex networks via clique weight rank persistent homology, produced in collaboration with Jacopo Binchi, Emanuela Merelli, Giovanni Petri and Francesco Vaccarino. Emanuela Merelli (Camerino Univ.) took the opportunity to present Topdrim to the participants of the workshop. This workshop also counted with the presence of Jeffrey Johnson (Open University) that gave a half-day tutorial session on Hypernetworks Clinic – letting the data speak for themselves.

    Pictures from the Workshop:

    Seminar: One graph to rule them all

    May 12, 2014 • Talk, Uncategorized

    Francesco-VaccarinoTopdrim partner, Francesco Vacarino from ISI – PoliTO will give a seminar on May 14th at Bologna University Department of Mathematics. The topic of the seminar will be “One graph to rule them all“.

    Let P be a finite poset. We will show that for any P-persistent object X in the category of finite topological spaces there is a P- weighted graph, whose weighted clique complex has the same P-persistent homology as X. Joint work with A. Patania (ISI-PoliTO), M. Scolamiero (KTH) and G. Petri (ISI).

    More details can be found in the seminar website.


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    Topdrim partner Christian Reidys from the University of Southern Denmark will give a course on Topology and Combinatorics of RNA structures at the Excellence Course within the Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Politecnico di Torino. The course will run from the 5th of May to the 27th of May.

    This course first introduces basic topology, quotient spaces and polygonal regions. It then passes to the classification theorem of topological surfaces and introduces the notion of cell-complex. Next we introduce fatgraphs as cell complexes and unicellular maps. Thereafter we show how RNA structures fit into the picture. Then we discuss genus induction and its combinatorial corollaries. The course then analyses shape polynomials and application to RNA folding and the uniform generation of RNA structures of fixed topological genus.

    Peter Sloot receives grant to set up interdisciplinary institute in Singapore

    January 31, 2014 • Uncategorized


    Topdrim partner Prof. Peter Sloot from UvA has received a grant to set up an Institute of Complex Systems in Singapore.

    Together with Economist Prof. Brian W. Arthur and Anthropologist Prof. J. Stephen Lansing from the famous Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico (USA), Peter Sloot received a large grant to set up an inter- and cross-disciplinary complexity institute in the Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore.

    The aim of this institute is to research the common fundamental and universal principles in complex physical, computational, biological, and social systems that underlie many of the most profound problems facing science and society.