The European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS) established a series of Young Researchers Schools on TCS topics. This year we propose a trans-disciplinary school, joined with the TOPDRIM EU project school, dedicated to understanding COMPLEXITY and CONCURRENCY through TOPOLOGY of DATA. The motivation comes from the need of modern society to tame the huge amount of available data, Big Data, by constructing suitable methods that allow to extract, as much as possible, features from data and to give them semantics, to become information. Currently, topology and formal methods are the two main theoretical research areas involved in pursuing such a goal.

The school offers two main streams of topics: (i) methods from topology and their application in data analysis, and (ii) methods from semantics and models of computation, and their applications in computer science. The aim is training a future generation of transdisciplinary researchers. The topics of the lectures are of interest for PhD students and young researchers with a background in one of the two main areas. Researchers in complexity science can be also interested.

Topdrim European Association for Theoretical Computer Science

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