• Books

    Topological Field Theory of Data: mining data beyond complex networks. 
    Mario Rasetti & Emanuela Merelli. Cambridge University Press. To appear in March 2016.

    Global Systems Science and Policy. Jeffrey Johnson et al. in Non-Equilibrium Social Science,
    Johnson et al (eds), Springer. To appear within 2016.

    A Formal Approach to Multi-level Adaptive Systems. Modelling and Analysis. 
    Narges Khakpour, Emanuela Merelli, Marjan Sirjani, Luca Tesei. CRC Press. To appear within 2016.

    Book of abstracts of TOPDRIM Workshop and EATCS School.
    Ed. Emanuela Merelli, In preparation. PDF.

    Topological Data Analysis for Modeling Complex Systems
    Matteo Rucco. PhD Thesis. To appear within 2016.

    Hypernetworks in the Science of Complex Systems
    J. Johnson, 2014, Imperial College Press, London